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One of the biggest hurdles I face as the owner of an indie lingerie label, is making sure I am being inclusive and representative of all bodies in my work. When you run a small business you have limited resources and often little to no budget to work with. I don't send a suitcase full of my new designs off to a photographer who charges thousands of pounds and who has organised and styled a shoot full of professional models to shoot my pieces.


To be honest, I'm glad that we don't do that. That wouldn't be me at all. 


For the Woman Rising collection I got to shoot with my favourite photographer, and she just so happens to be my friend. Alex from State of Love and Trust photography is a total camera badass, and she just fucking gets me, ya know? We spent some time before the shoot pulling some images together on a joint pinterest board which made sure we were both on the same page. Which we were, of course. She's the best.


Like having the photographer of my dreams to work with wasn't enough, I also got the biggest babes in my life to agree to be in the shoot and I'm blessed enough to call all of them friends. 


These women. Different shapes. Different sizes. Different heights. Different bodies. Different is good. Different is needed.


Alex managed to capture over 250 amazing shots that day, and here are some of my favourite powerful shots that she captured of these women, of my friends.


I'm not as inclusive and representative as I'd like to be one day, but it's a bloody good start, and one I'm really proud of. 


We have not been airbrushed, retouched, or our bodies edited in any way. This is us. Raw and Powerful.


Helen - wearing Lucky Sew and Sew



Helen wearing Lucky Sew and Sew


Lizzie wearing Lucky Sew and Sew


Lizzie wearing Lucky Sew and Sew



Paula wearing Lucky Sew and Sew



Paula wearing Lucky Sew and Sew



Diane wearing Lucky Sew and



Diane wearing Lucky Sew and Sew



Carly wearing Lucky Sew and



Carly wearing Lucky Sew and Sew



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