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    Friends > Models
    One of the biggest hurdles I face as the owner of an indie lingerie label, is making sure I am being inclusive and representative of all bodies in my work. When you run a small business you have limited resources and often little to no budget to work with. I don't send a suitcase full of my new designs off to a photographer who...
  • Shooting With State of Love and Trust - Behind the scenes

    Shooting With State of Love and Trust - Behind the scenes
    I like the idea of sharing more of the behind the scenes stuff...the cogs that turn to keep a small business running. The deeper I delve into the world of running a small business and indie lingerie label, (and to be frank I have often treated it as more of a hobby than a business in the past) the more I find that sharing...
  • Authentically Imperfect. I'm a Modern Mother

    Authentically Imperfect. I'm a Modern Mother
    This is a subject I've spoken about a few times now, and it's something I feel incredibly passionate about. In an age where every man, woman and their mother voice their opinions on life, it's so, so easy to feel like you need to fit into a certain Mama-shaped mold when you become a Mother.       Original photo by Mr Adam Robertson  ...
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