A question we are often asked is; When is the right time to order a bra when I'm pregnant?

The truth is there's not one answer, as every person's body changes differently during pregnancy. But we do have a rough guide that can help you figure out what will be the best time for you to place order.

It's important that throughout your pregnancy you are wearing soft bras, without wiring, that will help support your changing bust and allow your milk ducts to develop without placing any pressure on them. All of our bras are suitable for this.

From my personal experience and from speaking to other people who have experienced pregnancy and breastfeeding, we've found that you'll likely need a couple of bras to see you through your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. 


First and Second Trimester, plus post-pregnancy

As soon as your breasts start to feel uncomfortable in your pre-pregnancy bras, often during the first trimester, you should look at measuring yourself for a new bra. You could opt for a nursing bra here, which will mean you can use it again when you're breastfeeding, however you can stick to a regular bra if preferred. We're often asked if additional inches should be added on to the current full-bust measurement to allow for growth, however we wouldn't advise this as it could affect the support and comfort of your bra. However, we ask you to keep in mind that our bras are made from stretchy fabrics, which allows for fluctuations in size. These bras should see you through your first 2 trimesters of pregnancy, as well as the post-pregnancy period once your milk-supply has stabilised.

Third Trimester, plus Early Breastfeeding Weeks

During your third trimester, it's a good idea to remeasure. This will be when your breasts have likely settled from the growth that happens throughout your first and second trimesters. The bra you order based on these measurements should see you through the final weeks of your pregnancy, and your initial growth period when your milk arrives. We'd advise opting for a nursing bra this time in preparation for post-pregnancy. Again, keep in mind that our bras contain stretch, and will allow for some size fluctuations. Once your milk supply has stabilised, it's likely that you can go back to wearing your previous bras from your first trimesters.

Ordering When Breastfeeding

If you're currently breastfeeding, you may be wondering when the best time to take your measurements is. Throughout the day your breasts will fluctuate in size, depending on how full or empty you are (depending on when you last fed your babe). Our advice is to take your measurements between feeds. Somewhere between full and empty. This will ensure your bra is supportive at all times and the stretch of our bras will allow for fullness when needed. 


Ultimately, it's good to remember that every person will experience changes at different times and at a different pace. We've collated some information here that we think may be helpful and give you a rough idea of what to expect. However, listening to your body, being comfortable and doing what works best for you is the most important thing.


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