Shooting With State of Love and Trust - Behind the scenes

I like the idea of sharing more of the behind the scenes stuff...the cogs that turn to keep a small business running. The deeper I delve into the world of running a small business and indie lingerie label, (and to be frank I have often treated it as more of a hobby than a business in the past) the more I find that sharing these little insights may be helpful and interesting.


One of the most important lessons that I've learnt whilst running Lucky, is that you basically have to take on every single role yourself. Admin, designing, social media, content, website building and maintenance, customer service, seamstress, graphics designer, photographer...the list is extensive but not exhaustive. The roles you fill seem never ending a lot of the time.


Photo by Alex @ State of Love and Trust



I'm lucky enough to have a really tight group of friends online. They're all women who are running their own businesses and we are each other's sisters, friends, sound boards, advisories, celebrators and shoulders-to-cry-on. I don't know what I'd do without these amazing women.


Photo by Alex @ State of Love and Trust



When I was neck-deep in the planning and prep stages of the Woman Rising collection, I had planned to photograph the shoot myself. Although I haven't gotten round to blogging about it yet, I shot our summer collection - Pretty Wildish - myself. I'm not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I have a decent-ish camera and a good idea of the sort of shots that I want, so I managed to do an OK job of the summer shoot. I was airing my anxieties about shooting the Woman Rising collection myself to the group. I really wanted to do this collection justice and was pretty worried that I just wouldn't be able to pull it off.


Like actual angels sent from heaven (not that I'm a christian or anything, but you get the gist), the girls decided to surprise me and booked flights to fly over and do the shoot with me. I WAS SAVED!


Photo by Alex @ State of Love and Trust



I'm SO blessed that Alex from State of Love and Trust is in my life. If you remember, Alex shot our Coven of Mothers collection in Leeds way back last year. Alex is for sure my favourite photographer of all time. The way she manages to capture such emotive images is awe inspiring. We'd mentioned so many times before that we'd love to do a lingerie shoot together and so it was literally a dream come true to do this.


Alex flew over on the Wednesday with Paula (Head honcho @ Punky Moms and the Social Renegade) and Helen (who is in the midsts of starting up her design business) into Alicante. Thursday was the shoot day. My beautiful firecracker of a friend Lizzie and my wonderful Mama were also set to be in the shoot.


Photo by Alex @ State of Love and Trust



We hiked up into the mountains opposite my house and spent a few hours in the sun, climbing up rocks and into abandoned quarries, in our undies, whilst Alex did her magic. After lunch with family back at my house we then spent the afternoon and evening in an Alicante apartment, taking some more relaxed shots.What a fucking empowering and perfect day. Surrounded by sisters, supporting each other. So full of love and strength. I honestly believe that the whole experience of shooting the Woman Rising collection is a pivotal moment for me, as a woman. I still tingle all over every time I think back to it.


Photo by Alex @ State of Love and Trust



Feeling Lucky as hell these days. I know from first-hand experience that it is so, SO easy to focus on the bad shit. The negatives. Running a business yourself really is all-encompassing and the negatives always seem to hang around in your brain much longer than the positives which often go unnoticed and un-celebrated. I'm making a concious effort to make sure I celebrate every victory. Every win. Every positive. No matter how small. Because I am so done with only giving the negative stuff my attention. I want my heart to be so full of love for the good times, that the bad times don't stick around. A goal for 2019 shared.


Photo by Alex @ State of Love and Trust



So, there's some of Alex's amazing shots peppered throughout the post above, and here's a few behind the scene's shots of the best day.


Love + Light



Alex in the mountains getting ready to shoot


Lizzie and the mirror


Alex shooting Mother dear


Never apologise for your selfie


Myself and mama


Alex, Logan and the Lego


Alex shooting Mum on the balcony


Alex and a Margarita in the garden bar


Food hunts in Alicante on a Thursday evening


Stuffed with food and love




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