Nice to Meet Ya! 

I’m Carly (that’s me on the left) and together with my diamond of a Mum (Diane, there on the right) we stitch a bit of magic with fabric.

Since ‘14 we’ve been on a little adventure with Lucky. We design, test, sample, source, pattern cut, size grade, stitch and package all of your made-to-measure pieces from our small studio in a small sleepy village in rural Spain. 

There’s two things you need to know about us; we love you loving yourselves, and we love Mumma earth.

That’s why we chose to throw standard size guides out the window and make everything SIZE:YOU (as it states on our labels) because everybody and EVERY BODY deserves perfect fitting lingerie and swimwear.

It’s also why we decided to be as earth-friendly and mindful as possible when it comes to fabric choices and design. Not only do we use up our fabric scraps to create unique patchwork Gaia bras, we use designer line-end deadstock fabrics, European organic cotton and as part of our ongoing commitment to be as earth conscious and environmentally friendly as possible, in 2022 we have begun moving all of our printed fabrics onto a new recycled fabric base. 

What if I told you my undies are made from recycled plastic waste?

Viridi is the first of our prints to make the move onto our new fabric base, and everything stitched in this print from now on is made in this new ecological fabric.

Our new fabric base is created from carefully knitting together special yarns made from plastic waste and garbage salvaged from the Mediterranean Ocean. It’s created in a factory which runs on green energy and have 0% water usage during printing (water waste is a huge problem in the fabric production industry) and is created right here in Spain. It even holds the OEKO-Tex certification so you can guarantee that no harmful substances are used during the process.

The fabric is incredibly soft and stretchy and so vibrant! It is easy to care for and is truly made to be worn and last. It even has SPF50 sun protection!

I’m sure some of you are wondering why you’d want to wear lingerie made from plastic, but are you aware that other fabrics which are used in lingerie making are made from polyester fibres which are also a type of plastic - but made from petrochemicals and other harmful substances? 

I’m truly excited to be working with such an innovative new fabric and after a lengthy search for a more sustainable fabric option for us moving forward in 2022, I’m hella excited about this!

Glad to have you along for the ride.

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