We are very conscious of our consumption and waste here at Lucky. We ensure throughout our production process that our usage of fabric is super mindful and creates as little waste as possible. It is inevitable however, that during our production process of cutting out each of your custom-sized garments one by one, that we have some fabric scraps left over. These left over scraps of fabric are big enough for one part of a bra - for instance the top cup or a bra wing - but it wouldn't be enough for to create a whole other garment from. 

BUT. What if we utilised these bright and colourful scraps and created an entirely new garment? What if we patchworked each separate bra section together to produce a totally unique design, each and every time?

So that's exactly what we did, and the Gaia bra was born.

Due to our waste-conscious production process, we only produce a small amount of fabric scraps that are large enough to use for the Gaia bras. Which is why they are only made available in very limited amounts.

Keep and eye on our Instagram to see Gaia release dates.


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